Safe Skin Whitening Options


There has been a high demand for skin whitening products around the world in the recent years. More and more people want to make their skin look fairer and brighter. However, not all whitening products are created equal. Some contain harmful chemicals which may cause negative side effects on your skin. Some are made with potent fragrances which can be hazardous to your health. This is why it’s important to use products which are proven to be safe and effective.

Let’s take a look at the most effective and safe skin whitening options which can treat discolorations and lighten your skin.


gdhgdd6h44Civant Skin Care created Meladerm to help people achieve a brighter complexion. It’s a skin lightening cream which is backed up by rigorous medical research. It’s a high-quality product which contains the most advanced whitening formula on the market. Civant Skin Care prioritized safety in creating Meladarm. They have tested the product extensively to ensure that it can provide excellent results.

It doesn’t contain any harmful chemical ingredients which are usually found in most whitening products. Meladerm works by targeting dark areas on the skin which is caused by melatonin. Its active ingredients include alpha arbutin, kojic acid, gigawhite and tego cosmo C.


Revitol is an herbal brightening cream which was developed to help the skin look fairer and more youthful. The best thing about Revitol is that it only uses plant based ingredients which are all natural. It can  effectively minimize the appearance of freckles and pigmentation. It also contains natural skin nourishing vitamins, emollients, and moisturizers which keep the skin looking youthful. The main active ingredients in Revitol include arbutin, allantoin, lumiskin and shea butter.


Skin Bright was specifically made to eliminate dark spots and discoloration on the skin. It uses a specialized formula which effectively brightens up the surface of the skin. As a result, the skin looks more radiant and beautiful. Skin Bright’s main active ingredients are alpha arbutin and kojic acid. It also contains aloe vera, lemon extract, hemp oil and ascorbic acid. Additionally, Skin Bright contains allantoin and vitamin A palmitate which provide anti-aging benefits.


When it comes to skin whitening, it’s always best to use products which do not contain any harmful ingredients. Meladerm, Revitol, and Skin Bright are all wonderful products which can successfully lighten skin complexion. They all contain potent ingredients which are completely safe and effective for everyday use. They are some of the most effective and safe skin whitening options you can use to achieve a brighter complexion, lightened skin and a radiant glow.


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